Working visit in LECTURA GmbH, Germany

17/05/2011 by

On 17.5.2011, the Director of the Bureau of metrology made a working visit to the publishing house of Nurnberg LECTURA GmbH, Germany. Lectura GmbH is a publishing house that is working almost 20 years and the main goal is to create a database of technical information on farm machinery and heavy machinery, cranes, various types of platforms for construction and printing of catalogs with technical information for this type of vehicles and their additional equipment.

Their interactive database contains technical data and information on approximately 100,000 models from over 1000 manufacturers in 256 categories. The purpose of this visit was to see their database with technical data on tractors and to see if there is a possibility to create a certificate of conformity of vehicle for tractors.
This certificate of conformity of vehicle for tractors could be used in the procedure for a single vehicle approval according to Article 8, paragraph 3, line 1 of the Rules for Single Vehicle Approval (Official Gazette br.16/2010).

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